Our logo was created by Next Step with justice in mind.  Ma’at, also known as Maat or Mayet, was a mythological female goddess in the ancient Egyptian religion.  She represented truth, justice, balance and harmony.  To the Egyptians, Ma'at symbolized the spirit of justice, personified law and order in the cosmic world and represented stability in the universe.  A common symbol associated with her was a feather which came to symbolize her being, as well as the representation of balance and order, it became a hieroglyph for "truth."  To us, Ma’at symbolizes the truth and justice we seek on behalf of our clients.  


We are so grateful that our concepts of Ma’at were gracefully captured by the creativity and genius of Next Step who infused the profile of Ma’at with her strong feathered wings which to us represents our clients’ ability to be embraced and supported as they courageously seek justice on their own terms, and it signifies the strength and dignity as they are taking flight on their path to freedom.

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